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Biz cards are in!
Working on a logo..
I want to elaborate on this and make it into a massive painting..
Can I design your logo or tattoo please_ K, thanks! #artistforhire #artist #birds #birdnerd #beach #
I have too many ideas in my head that I want to see come to life! Like this as a mural or bedspread
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HIRE ME TODAY!! HUGE thanks to _sgtpepperonis for the business and hospitality, best people and best
HOLIDAY WINDOW PAINTING! Hire me today! Coralynna_gmail


Have Coralynn create a unique custom design for your logo that beautifully represents you and your business!


1. Have an idea? 

Send an email to Coralynna@gmail.com 

Please include:

* Ideas in writing and any supporting photos to help represent your vision.

* Deadline for finished logo design.

* Please note that while Coralynn is an artist, she is not (YET) a Graphic Artist, so the Logo will be raw in the form of a high resolution photo and/or original piece of art on canvas or paper.

(Coralynn does however work with many talented graphic designers all across the globe and may even know of one in your area if you need a recommendation!)

2. Upon receiving your email Coralynn will personally reply back with a quote and timeline of project.


3. In order to secure project a non- refundable deposit of 1/3 of the project will be paid prior to the artist starting the work.


4. When your original Custom work of art is complete Coralynn will contact you with the remaining balance due and photos of the completed project.


5. Enjoy and share your original custom logo!