Coralynn is a self-taught artist of many mediums who loves a good belly laugh and spending quality time in nature. Her large body of work is recognizable with meticulous detail and vibrant color. As unique as her name, her life path has been one filled with great adventure and a bohemian wanderlust that has inspired a lot of her work. Born on the west coast and raised on the east she has lived in many states but calls the ocean home. Her aloha spirit and light-hearted nature can be spotted easily when she is in her natural habitat, on a tropical beach covered in paint and smiles.

 Her first passion was fashion design and it is no coincidence her first memory was drawing.  She earned a degree from Brooks College in Fashion Design in 2005 and honed her skills with freelance fashion illustration and design.  Coralynn took a hiatus from needle and thread to pick up a paintbrush and began to teach herself how to paint in 2007. She learned as much about blending and brushstrokes as she did about patience and persistence. Coralynn had no expectations other than to start and finish a painting, and in trying something new found a deep love and respect for the process. That one painting was the catalyst to an extensive series of Portraits of Men and Women in acrylic on canvas, sand art, custom painted surfboards, hand painted instruments, body painting, and a wide variety of sentimental commissioned portraits

“Every artist was first an amateur.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Coralynn has developed that love of art into a career of custom paintings and teaching both children and adults. She taught for Painting and Vino and Timree while living in California and fell in love with sharing her talents and personality. Her playful attitude and enthusiasm has gained her praise from many students and clients.  Coralynn is a woman who does not get “bored” and has no shortage of imagination.  It is her mantra that you cannot get worse at something you practice, especially if you love doing it!


Coralynn is very thankful to share her passion with the world daily and looks forward to passing along the brush to you!