Burning that midnight acrylic again!! #coralynnarcandart #mural #artist #beachartist #coral #dowork
Painted all night and now for a nice 5hour drive back to Vegas, shower, nap, and go to work! HUSTLE
First mural done, about to start taping the second! Giddy up! Thank you _guayaki for keeping me awak
Details _) #coralynnarcandart #murals #painter #beachartist #travelingartist #oceanlover #sanclement
Back to Vegas for a few days, left the light on in my other life! Can't wait to come back and finish
Painting all night long!!


From logos for your business to a tropical oasis on the walls in your home Coralynn can paint whatever you can dream up for your space! 


1. Send email to with the following:

* Your idea and any photos for reference

*location for mural (coralynn will travel to work, please include details if off island so a quote for travel expenses can be provided)

* deadline

2. A consultation will be arranged to view space (if off island, facetime or skype can be set up) and Coralynn will sketch out a few samples with quotes for each. 

3. Upon agreeing on a price/concept Coralynn will take 1/3 non-refundable deposit and begin project. The length of project will depend on size and detail. Generally will be anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to complete.

4. Balance due will be paid and your new and improved space is ready to enjoy!


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